Ignatian Training Courses

Training in Spiritual Direction and Accompaniment

This website is a meeting-place and a resource-point for a loose confederation of courses training various forms of spiritual direction, accompaniment and conversation, and in personal and spiritual development, inspired by the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola. It was set up following a consultation held at Loyola Hall, 20-21 April 2010.

Epiphany Group – Training Courses in Scotland
The Epiphany Group exists not only to support current members practicing Ignatian spirituality in Scotland, but also to hand on this gift by training others who, in turn, will become guides, directors, supervisors, or tutors.
Our Training Course Co-ordinator, Alison Moody works with a team of tutors co-ordinating and presenting our well-established and progressive programme of training to groups in locations throughout Scotland, eg, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Inverness and Kirkcudbright (Galloway).
Each year, when numbers permit, the following courses may be offered in some of the above cities / towns:
  • Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living
  • Spiritual Conversation
  • Spiritual Direction
When numbers permit, Spiritual Exercises Training is also offered to those who have trained as spiritual directors and who wish to learn to give the full Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.
Ignatian Spirituality Centre
Ignatian Spirituality Course
A Formation and Training in Spiritual Direction based on the Spiritual Exercises (3 years, 1 day a week)
Loyola Hall Training Programmes
Spiritual Accompaniment Course I: 12th - 21st February 2014
On our well established introductory course participants are helped to reflect on their own life and prayer. Suggested offering: £610

Spiritual Accompaniment Course II: 5th - 18th March 2014
This course is for those who already have some training and experience of accompanying others in prayer (or perhaps counselling) and who wish to develop further skills in spiritual direction in the Ignatian tradition. It is a requirement that participants have made the full Exercises of St Ignatius, either in daily life, as a thirty day retreat or in stages of ten days. Suggested offering: £860

12 Week Training Programme: 6th January - 20th March 2014
The full training programme comprises:
  • the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius as a thirty day individually guided retreat;
  • the two Spiritual Accompaniment courses described above;
  • a week of supervised prayer guiding.
For those who have already made the full Spiritual Exercises, it is possible to join the programme at the beginning of the first course in February.
Suggested offering for the 12 weeks: £4,150
or without the Spiritual Exercises: £2,250
Manresa Link
Manresa Link is an Ecumenical Ignatian Network in the West Midlands. It fosters a person-to-person ministry and offers:
  • Training for those wishing to be prayer guides;
  • On-going training days;
  • Individually-guided retreats in daily life;
  • Quiet days for individuals and groups;
  • (Nineteenth Annotation) The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius in daily life;
  • Support for those seeking on-going spiritual help.
Mount Street Jesuit Centre
St Bede’s Pastoral Centre
St Beuno’s Ignatian Spirituality Centre
St Beuno’s offer a 10 week residential programme in retreat giving; also a 4-5 week residential course on the Spiritual Exercises, and shorter residential seminars on the Exercises for those involved in the ministry of retreat giving and spiritual guidance in the Ignatian tradition.
North Wales